Sneha Hulkoti is the author of the book Stop ‘Parenting’ Start Partnering and the founder of PTP School Of Parenting. She has been teaching and training children and parents for over 12 years and has impacted thousands of them through her Training and Coaching Engagements across the country.

Her own hardships she went through and the path she took to get out of them had created a  strong desire to help follow mood the same. She teaches those concepts that one should have learnt during their early parenting years and the absence of which has created the struggles. This has grown into Sneha’s lifelong crusade as she is called on by moms to guide them in their journey of Parenting and Beyond.

She is grateful to the universe that it has choose her to hop on a mission to help moms by equipping them with the right skills and tools required to understand their children and create a rapport of trust.

Sneha also believes that life is so much more beyond parenting as every child deserves a free-spirited-woman as their mother.




The PTP School Of Parenting is an elite community of mothers who are dedicated to learning practical ways of creating a rapport of trust and understanding with their children. 

The members believe that it is crucial to raise themselves before they raise their kids by learning the partnership principles and identifying/changing their existing ‘Parenting Blueprint’.



The earlier you start empowering your children to take charge of their lives the easier it is. The book takes you through the step by step process on how you can do it.



“ Lockdown was a hard time for me as it was getting difficult to handle the kids. I was whiny and negative all the time. However, after I joined PTP School Of Parenting, I have been a witness to a life-changing miracle. Just after 3-4 sessions, I was a completely different person. Previously, I would cry when I was low but now I can handle things better. Sneha’s right guidance has changed the way I look at life now. I have achieved a wonderful relationship with my kids by partnering and not just parenting. Thank you Sneha for evolving the new ‘me’. ”

Inu Mittal

Boutique Owner
Mother of 11yr-old and 6yr-old boys

I felt that I was parenting my kid by fluke. I often used to lose my control and then spend hours regretting it. I hated to be in this grumbling situation most of the time and wanted to bring my distress to a screeching halt. That was when I came to know about PTP School Of Parenting and I quickly joined in. I must say, this turned out to be one of the most important decisions of my life. Now, there’s a huge reduction in my anger, I have started learning and exploring with my son during his online classes, my learning capabilities have increased as I have started reading daily. In a nutshell, I have started viii Stop “Parenting” Start Partnering partnering with my kid! I recently hopped onto Gold membership too! I am now more determined to achieve a true partnership with my kid! Thank you so much Sneha ma’am!

Akanksha Sinha

Project Manager
Mother of a 5yr-old boy

“Being in this PTP School Of Parenting has given me a better understanding of myself, I feel more empowered, there is so much clarity in my thought process now… There is so much learning that happens on this platform. It basically works on the principles of raising ourselves above the zone of wretchedness that most parents often find themselves in. It has helped me bond with my teen better. The community is filled with like-minded, strong women who hold and support each other through everything. It is a fab platform for introspection, understanding, growing while learning. Sneha is a hardworking mentor who genuinely works for the greater cause. All in all, a super thumbs-up for her finesse! "

Dr. Soumya Y S

Mother of a 13yr-old boy

The title “Parenting with Ease” is what caught me thinking “What!!! Parenting can be done with ease!!!” and to my suprise all it took is only few days of learnings and being consistent to ease my years of to learn not just about partnering with my kids but the learning I am getting here making me empowered as a women day by day clearing the clutter and bringing me clarity in all areas of my Life. A Big thankyou to Sneha for designing this course and bringing to us in the simplified way. I wish more parents get benefited from it. Thankyou..

Supriya AVS

Engineer - Irrigation Department
Mother of two girls



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